This Is My Africa

I caught a relatively new documentary on HBO last night. “This Is My Africa” reminded me of the last part of yesterday’s class discussion about identity, framing and composition. Jean-Pierre quotes Laszlo Kovacs: “the major criterion of a good composition is whether it supports emotionally the scene and its dramatics.” This is demonstrated very well in the YouTube excerpt posted here and in the first third of the TIMA documentary. The narrator in the doc asked questions that elicited abstract answers that were neither right nor wrong, but personal: what does Africa smell like; what color is Africa; what is your favorite African food, music, writer/poet, film (reference to Nollywood); what do you hate most about Africa (very long speeches and mud). The first part of the doc gave very personal views of what Africa is and means to each of the persons interviewed. These interviews were conducted against backdrops of brightly colored African cloth patterns, within a large picture frame decorated also in African cloth, and various pieces of furniture painted in African cloth designs. I’m thinking I can tickle something out of this experience for the first assignment. Take a look.


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