What I learned in Visual Research Methods class

I learned to not be afraid to speak in the “I” voice.  I learned how to construct, albeit rudimentary, a blog and a website.  I learned that I’ve been using digital storytelling techniques without knowing what they were.  I learned that I’m an archivist.  I learned that for every person in the classroom there existed a passion for one or two particular topics and that the experience of the VRM class provided the environment in which these passions could be explored and structured into video essays, documentaries, mockumentaries, and digital stories. 

Although books and visual were combined in the class, books took a back seat to what can be accomplished via the visual.  Page to screen is a kind of translation and seems to work well in film and video.  Some of the emotional elixir that “stirs” the eye to deep feeling and connection seems to be lost in the translation from screen to page.  The collaborative project in which I participated was generated by a 18-page short story which translated into a bracumentary just over seven minutes long.  I had much more fun working on the bracumentary than I did writing the short story.  But the short story as script made the bracumentary easier to organize.

The class was fortunate to have had the resource of such an “expert” and professional as Prof. Juhasz.  This class was recommended to me two semesters ago as a “must take” four units.  I had a great time!


One thought on “What I learned in Visual Research Methods class

  1. MP:me

    I am so pleased you’ve learned these technologies, adding them to your already impressive tool kit for intellectual/political/self expression!


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